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Still working on sprinkler system

Took a day off work and worked on getting sprinkler system installed. Slow but steady the system is coming together. I now have 2 zones completed. Another 3 very close to being completed and then another 4 not even started. After getting a few parts from the store and going to get a few more today I should have everything I need to finish the job. As of right now I have just about 900 into the project so coming in a bit under what I thought it would cost. I still will have to permanently connect the system to the house plumbing. Right now I plan to hook a hose to the main connection for the system. Later this year or early next spring I will have a plumber come out and do that and a few other things I need to have moved or hooked up for the basement finishing project. Actually ran 5 zones last night, just hooked a hose to the main line at that zone and then sat back and watched to see if I actually did everything correctly. Short of a small pressure problem in front all I need to do is tweak a few of the angles on the heads and they are all set. The front I had to put some smaller nozzles because I was not getting enough pressure on all the heads. They are working great now. Pretty happy over all. Hope to get 2 zones all hooked up and finished tonight if time permits. Last night just ran out of parts to finish the zones up. Maybe by this weekend it will be up and fully working. That is my goal at least, to have a lawn that can be sprinkled automatically for me by early next week. Big thing is rain is coming so I will need to have most of the lawn cleaned up so I can mow here soon. Can’t mow when dirt is sticking up or black plastic tubing is all over the yard.

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