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Not much going on right now

Not to much going on in my life right now. Been putting as much time into setting up the sprinkler system as I can in the evenings. It is funny, taylor likes to either lay in the piles of dirt I have dug up or dig in them or eat them. She is such a good helper 🙂

So last night I was able to hook the hose to the end of the main line and fill it up with water and got a lot of the dirt out of the line. Man was there a lot. So far I have run into two problems. Not really major problems.
First one is the main wire that goes along the main line that controls the valves. I am going to have to gut the whole thing and then splice another into for the main connection to the garage where the controller will be. I think I will do that tonight. Not a big deal, but hope it all comes out OK. Will cut it at one of the valves and then just hook it all up so when I put the last 5 valves on soon they will work when I plug them in. Was able to get 3 zones up and running last night. Just opened them up manually and let the zone run for a few minutes. Plenty of tweaking but not to bad for my first time. Just have to adjust the angle of a few heads and maybe put smaller nozzles on a few also. Have 3 zones all finished and another zone pretty much ready to go and then another 2 zones in front that I just have to put the valve in for and hopefully another should be up and running tomorrow sometime. Want to have everything up and running for 7 zones by end of day tomorrow. The last 2 zones that are the small strip next to the driveway I have to think about and then mess with. As it stands I have 12 small heads in that area. I want to see if I can get away with not using those heads. But might end up using them anyway. We shall see. Should have no problem getting the whole thing finished Sunday sometime. The last thing I will have to do it my second problem. I have no more mainline left. I need about 15 or so feet to T into the main line to get this line to the house. Plan to hook to hose temporarily but will put the backflow on eventually. Called the local sprinkler place yesterday and they said I can get 15 feet from them no problem. For 20 bucks though. I think I will go back to menards and get 100 feet for 18 bucks instead. Then I will have extra if I ever have to fix a problem or anything. Can’t wait to see the whole thing in action. Trying to figure out how I will be fixing a few big dirt problems also. Probably will put topsoil in some areas and then reseed. Should be pretty easy to grow new grass with a watering system now.

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