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Getting closer to finishing the sprinkler system

Well over the weekend I was able to accomplish almost everything I wanted to. Got the controller wired up and working. Rain the wire into the garage and put into conduit. That is all working and have all the zones wired up. Controller is setup and programed. I have the whole backyard up and running now. Was able to get another 34 zones in total over the weekend. Backyard has a total of 4 zones the side yard has one zone and the front has 2 more zones. I have one zone left to hook up in the front. I have to get about 15 more feet of the main line to finish that off. Then I have to plumb in the overflow valve, have it hooked up to the hose right now. Works great that way though. Then the only other thing to finish up this week is the 2 zones next to the garage. Hope to get out and work at those today. Need to mow the yard also. So we shall see what gets completed in between the rain this week. Only thing I am worried about is two of the valves are underwater as of yesterday. Had a bit of rain in the afternoon and when I was tweaking the zones I opened the covers and noticed that two of the covers had water in the containers. One was almost full. I hope I do not have a leak on the main line. Both were close to where water goes from the roof. I hope they both just were full because of the run off. Hopefully I can test that this week to see where the water is coming from.

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