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Yard continuation

Well I decided to take the day off from working on the sprinkler system and decided to mow the yard. It needed it. So the yard is not torn up to bad. A few spots that will need some more top soil and seed but most of the areas I was able to patch up nicely and seems to be doing OK. I did notice that after turning the sprinkler system on last night after I mowed, there was water in 3 of the valve boxes, there was not water in those when I started the system. This means I have a leak on those valves. Not a big deal right now but when I plumb the system into the house there will be pressure on those lines all the time. So I really need to dig those back up and get the leak fixed. Will try to just tighten the clamps down by hand first and see what happens. Probably will have to dig it up and fix those. Oh well. Then I have a bit of digging to do to finish up the last 3 zones. Hope I have some time tonight. Suppose to rain though. We shall see.

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