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wrapping up

Well hopefully, tonight I will be able to finish up the last zone on the side of the house and then I will have to hook the main line ,that I cut out of the side, up on the other side so it runs right up to the house. After that is complete I will have all zones up and running. After that I will need to go aroud and fix any leaks I find. I know of 3 right now. Will have to dig up the valves that are leaking and unhook them and then tighten them up and then hook them back up. Big pain but will get to it eventually. Not in a hurry to get that since I hook the hose to it when I use it and then unhook it so there is not constant pressure on the line all the time. If all goes well I will be able to run all the zones tonight. Not that I will need to since it has rained almost every night this week.

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