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Was great to have a full weekend again

Sat. I was able to mow the lawn before the rain and storms. That was a good thing. I also was able to change the oil in both cars. Much needed, was a bit over on both of them. Taylor was great all day. She stayed up late with us, but for the most part, I had tired her out early in the morning so she pretty much just laid around all afternoon and evening. Sunday jenny was on call so I got some work done around the house. Put up one run of the electrical conduit in the basement. Pulled a string and one coax cable through it before I went to bed last night. Have to glue all the joints together and attach one last part of it and that will be all set. I want to put up one more run for wiring and then have to put up probably 2 that go to the computer room and then want to put 2 or three runs just down the wall on the utility room side. Just for future cabling if I want anything there. Have to figure out where I want to put the projector but really need to buy one first and then setup the projector to see how big of a screen I want to get and the throw distance and what now. Bought the tools and piping so I can sweat together the tubing for the sprinkler system. Hope to get that all up and setup this week sometime. Then I will just have to hook it into the main line coming into the house. That will be that last connection. Want to get plenty of practice before I do that stuff. Then if I get good at that I want to relocate the kitchen sink feeds to go in the truss are so I can put drywall where the pipes are right now. Then I will need to run a few feet of pipe for the shower and the toilet. Think I might be able to do all of this. Hoping I can at least. The only thing I am worried about is the waste hookup for the sink, toilet and shower. I will try my hand at it first and then call a plumber if it looks to be to much. Now that I have conduit for the basement I think I can pull most of the audio, video, telephone and data lines. Maybe I can get that done this month and then get the rest of the insulation put up. At that point I will be waiting on getting the shower into the bathroom. After I get that in I can plan on getting drywall and closing up the room. Who knows might get that up this year yet. Want to be able to use it this time next year if possible. It is so cool down there all the time. WIll be nice to just go down to relax. Probably will hang out down there more than upstairs when it is finished. Also will almost double the living space, not quite double, but close. Wonder if that will add to the property value. Will give taylor a nice place for her cage also, so she can hang in there and we will be around also.

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