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Relaxing weekend and got a few things accomplished

Well had a good weekend. Put in the last sprinkler head I wanted to put in. Ended up messing up the cable line, have it working great right now but will have charter come out wed. Evening to fix with a new line hopefully. Got new toro heads for the one side of the house. They don’t seem to be working as good as I hoped. I might have to many on a zone. They have a hard time popping up sometimes. I will have to keep playing with those. Sweated a few more joints on the copper pipe in the basement. Not finished there yet though. Think I might have found the squeakiness problem on my breaks on the jeep. When I found that problem I also found that the CV boot on the drivers side broke lose. taking the jeep in wed. Night so the shop can have it thursday. Will set me back 200 or so. Oh well. Want to try to get the lawn mowed tonight or tomorrow. Still a bit wet right now. MIght not dry off enough for me to mow tonight. Some of the grass is starting to come in, from where I put new seed and top soil down. Hopefully in another week most of that will be in and looking good. That stuff even grows at night is seems like.

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