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Pulled most data wiring over the weekend

Well, yesterday I spent about 5 hours putting 1 1/2 conduit in and pulling cat5, cat6e and coax cable into the basement. I pulled about 25 different lines throughout the day. Have a few of them terminated on one end. I have a whole mess of cables at the punchdown block side. I need to figure out how I want to set that end up. I think I am going to hook a switch to the wall and then have 2 or 3 punchdown blocks on the wall and then one punchdown block setup for phone. Then if I want to have phone at one of the stations I just jump a patch cable from that punchdown block over to the port I want a phone at. Hope the system works good. I then want to punch down all the wireing from upstairs also. Then the whole house can have either phone or network connections at each data jack. Need to buy a few more jacks for the wall plate side and I should be able to finish up the project. Then I want to pull the wire for speakers and finish up the insullation. Want to get that done and get doors ordered before winter hits. Would really like to get drywall in the basement before winer really hits also. Then I can take my own time when finishing the rooms. I think things will come together nicely.

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