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Basement Video, data and voice cabling

Well after working on it all weekend and a bit the past few days. I have all but 2 runs pulled. I had to buy about 100 bucks worth of cable and connectors/wall plates last night, I need to go buy 4 more sections of conduit and a few other peaces for connecting the conduit and I should be able to finish up on the last two sections/pulls. I then have to figure out where I want to mount each box and just nail them in and then all wall plates should be in place. I then need to terminate all the cables on punch blocks on the other end. All is going pretty good. After I get all of that tidied up I plan to pull a few cables for the projector, in conduit that is. And then pull the cables for all of the speakers. I plan to wire for 7.2, I will have two subs hooked up down there. I want to have a few extra speaker runs also. Might have time to do that this weekend. So from their I can purchase the rest of the insulation. Menards is having a few sales on it and has money back right now also. So probably will get some insulation here in the next month and hopefully finish that up also. After that is all complete I just have to move one water pipe and frame in the double door area coming into the main room from the stairs and frame out the metal pole that holds the big old iron beam that holds my house up. Think I might actually be able to start drywalling and mudding before the end of the year. Can’t wait for the dry wall to go up. I think the basement will really take shape at that time.

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