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Took friday off work

Wanted to get the laundry room and bathroom painted before it got to cold this year. Have about 3 spots to touch up and need to clean the mirror in the bathroom. All the painting went without an damages. Think we have found cabinets for the laundry room also. It will be a couple hundred bucks though. Going with plain white cabinets. Might get those next month. Yard is pretty much under control. Probably will only mow and rake the rest of this year. I want to hook the backflow valve to the sprinkler system and plumb into the house still this year but have not got around to that yet though. Then it is back inside to work on the basement. I put in the vent for the bathroom fan on saturday. That took about an hour. So that is finished up now. Have a few electrical outlets I want to finish up for the bathroom and then finish terminating and glue all the conduit for the low voltage wiring. Have quite a bit of work to do there still Have all the rooms cabled and terminated in the room at the wall plates. Just need to punch down at the panel now. I want to run two more runs also. From the back corner where I plan to put a little wet-bat. I have speaker cables to run then and wiring and power to the projector area. I can then go buy the insulation for the ceiling and the bathroom and after that I have drywall to put up. So maybe by the end of the year I might be working on the drywall. I will be so happy to get the room that far. I have alot to do to get me there but it will be worth it when I get there.

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