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Over the weekend

Well a few things happened over the weekend. Went out and bought a cabinet to put in the laundry room. It is a 24 inch base cabinet. It fits almost perfectly. Will space out the washer and dryer a bit and that should make it so that are is full and fits great. I am going to have to cut a small piece out of the back of this base cabinet because it will actually be going over where the dryer outlet is. I do not want to relocate that outlet so I will make it so you can plug and unplug the dryer through the cabinet. So that means I need a new tool. I went out and bought a new jigsaw or sabre saw as sears. I hope to be able to put the cabinet in this week sometime. Will have to find the studs and mark them and then saw out the hole for that outlet on the back and I also have to remove some trim along the floor. That is the part I am dreading. once I get that completed the cabinet will go in great I think. I was able to get a countertop from the returned pile. Only spent 15 bucks on that. Man that was a steal. It ended up going with the cabinets perfectly and the colors matched both the cabinet and the walls in the room so I got really lucky. After I get those two items in. I plan to put a set of cabinets along the wall above also. Probably 2 or three cabinets there. That should be a lot easier to do since there is nothing in the way when I go to put those up.

So yesterday I cam home from getting the new saw and jenny told me the internet was down. I checked and sure enough no lights on the cable modem. So called and had a tech scheduled out for this morning. Called my boss to make sure I could come into work a bit late. I was able to get the modem up and running last night though. Jenny was able to finish up some research she needed to do. Tech came out this morning and found that the signal loss from the street to the house was the problem. The same exact tech was out to fix the cable I cut a while back. Well that must have been the problem here. He ran a new line and all is great on the cable modem again. I just have to dig a trench and bury the cable tonight.

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