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Great weather out lately

Since we are having good weather again. That prompts me to work outside again. Last night I was able to get the new cable line buried up to the house. Glad that is all taken care of now. I plan to mow the lawn tonight. I have dug up the main connection to the sprinkler system. I hope to tonight or this weekend get the backflow preventor hooked up and get the sprinkler system all winterized. I still want to get it plumbed into the house but do not know if I will get that accomplished this weekend. Who knows I might. I then will need to fix the 2 or 3 valves that have a slow leak sometime. Have not fixed all of those yet. Oh well. After that is all done, I just need to bring the last hose in from the front yard, which I probably will do tonight before I mow. Then I think I will set for winter. I think I will take all the stuff out of the garage and sweep it out and then put everything back in. Put most of the summer stuff away and stored and maybe fireup the snow blower and get that gased up and ready. Think at that point I will be ready for winter and can turn my energy and time to working on the basement. Oh still have not put shelves into the garage like I wanted to. Might have to wait till spring time and do that when I get the back door put into the garage also. So many things on my to do list. Really want to get back to the basment so I can get some drywall in and get that area starting to look finished.

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