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Quick weekend

Well, the weather was beautiful again this weekend. I had time to clean the garage out all the way and sweep it and then blew it out with the air compressor. I also got the backflow preventor put on the sprinkler system on sat. afternoon. Still have to hook it to the water line inside but at least I got part of it down. I was able to hook the air compressor to the backflow preventor and I blew out all the lines. That was fun. Taylor loved it. Water came out almost like steam at times. Air compressor worked great. To good on one zone. I only have 3 heads on the side yard. Well 80 psi was a bit much I guess for those heads. The center one flew about 20 feet up in the air. I was planning on moving that one anyway. So this casualties just made me make the move a bit faster than I was planning. All was fixed in a few minutes. I took my jeep into sears early sat. to get new shocks on it. They decided to break the handle on the hood release. So the jeep is in at the dealer today getting that fixed. Only set me back 130 for that, will take the bill to sears so they can get me that back. When the dealer had the jeep up on the lift they noticed a leak from the transmission. I knew it had a problem, also knew it was going to be about 250. So I decided since it was already there, go ahead and fix it now. So that set me back a bit more. Oh well. Got a new camera for jenny over the weekend. Her birthday is this week so the present is a bit early. Man is it nice. It is a canon elph, the sd100 digital camera. It is just as good as my olympus just about 1/2 the size or less. It takes sd memory so I will have to find a good deal on at least a 128 meg sd memory card soon. The 16meg one that came with it only holds about 12 pictures. I love that you hit the button and the thing takes a picture. My olympus can do more than this one but this one is a great point and shoot camera and so small. Can’t wait to get some moving pictures of taylor running at me in the back yard. It should do a great job. This week I hope I will have some time to finally put in the cabinet in the laundry room. I want to get that room back together. Maybe early next month I can get 1 or 2 more cabinets that will go above this cabinet and the dryer. That project will be complete then. I need to finish up wiring in the basement so I can move all of my computer stuff down there so jenny can finally start working on her much deserved office. We will need some nice office furniture but that will come in due time.

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