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Jeep has been fixed

Well after sears broke the handle for the hood release. I had to take it to the dealer to get it fixed. The part was 44 bucks and the labor to put it in was 88 bucks. Man they are expensive. Took the receipt to sears and they credited the part and labor back to my credit card. Was very nice of them. So I have new shocks now and they seem to be working great. While I had it in at the dealer I also had them replace a seal on my transmission. Will get under the jeep tonight to see what I can, I knew it was leaking a bit but nothing bad. So now the jeep should be in good working order, hopefully for another few months to a year. Did find out why my brakes were squeaking so much. It was the pads I got from autozone. Found out that you never should get semi-metallic. They make alot more brake dust and are very noisy. Put some oem pads on the back of the jeep last night. Made the jeep much more quieter when braking. Still a little bit of squeaking out of the front. So next month I might go down and get pads for the front. They are at least twice as much to get oem pads but for much less brake dust and no noise I am willing to pay that.

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