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Weekend went to fast

I was able to get the cabinet and countertop put in the laundry room sat. That has been a project I have been putting off. Looks pretty good. That corner was not squre so the counter top does not sit all the way agains the wall. Oh well. Not the end of the world. I am going to be putting up 45 inches of cabinet across the top so that will help take away from the fact that there is a space behind part of the countertop against the wall. Just need to get the other cabinets and some handles and that room will be finished. Bought a new notebook for jenny. Got it at sams club. Very nice small notebook. Is an athlon 2500xp. Runs at 1.7 or 1.8mhz I believe. So I am looking for a new wireless card for her old notbook that I will inherit. Just bought a 16 port switch from dell, 100 bucks shipped, will put that in my utility room where I am running all the network wires. I also got a free access point from dell in that deal. So I will be selling both of my dlink access points here shortly. I have a whole bunch of other equipment also that needs to be sold on ebay. Maybe this winter I will get around to it. Plan to work on the basement this weekend with a friend. Just one step closer to getting drywall on the walls. Got a 28 meg sd card for the new camera at sams also. And splurged and bought a slab of ternderloin from sams, it was 78 bucks for the whole thing but cut it up and vacum sealed it so they will be great. Probably got about 14 or 15 peies out of it. Well worth the money I am sure. Was only like 11 or 12 dollars a pound where it is like 18 dollars a pound if you get individual peices at the meat counter. Well that is all for now.

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