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New dvd burner

Just got my new Liteon SOHW-832s last night. Put it in my server and the thing came in fine. Could not do a thing with it though. Could not even upgrade the firmware which everything I read said to do. That made me a bit worried. Had dinner and then came back to it later. Took the pc apart and changed the ide cable around and finally got the dvd upgraded to the latest firmware and also was able to test burn a dvd. Put it on a rw for the time being. Will see if it made a good copy tonight. If it works I will probably put my older dvd burner in this box also and upgrade to the latest firmware and see if that work also. WIll be nice to have two burners. My reason for buying this was that my old cd burner stopped working a few weeks ago. I had no burner at home that was working. Found this dual layer dvd burner for 85 bucks so I had to grab it. Hopefully liteon will be as good as I believe it is.

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