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Planning a nice relaxing weekend

I do not know what I plan to do this weekend. Many projects still need to be started or just finished. I do know we plan to stay around town this weekend and I hope to relax part of it. I just bought rustoleum garage floor epoxy the other day. I think I will wait to do that till later. I may work on the basement getting the rest of the office mudded and then try to get some of the speaker wire run. Just picked up a few speaker wall plates today. The plates that I bought were a bit expensive but each plate has either 4 or six terminals on it so either 2 or 3 speakers can be hooked to each plate. I may go back to lowes and get one more set. Kind of expensive (25 dollars) but the cheapest I have seen so far. If I get one more set I think that will give me enough to do most of jacks I need to do. I still need to do a few more but I can get jacks at a later date for that. After I get the speaker wire up, all I need to do is get the black pipe in the wall for the gas stove I want to put in down there and then I can start to put up more drywall. It looks so nice when the drywall gets put up. You can see the place take shape really quick. I think all the leaks are gone from the sprinkler system. I think i will turn it on tonight and let it come on automatically tomorrow morning. Watch it tomorrow and sunday to make sure water is not accumulating and then that should be that. I do need to pick up some funny pipe from my friend so I can move two sprinkler heads a bit and get them a bit lower than they are right now. That will take me about 30 minutes to an hour to fix those. Just have not really worried about it so far.

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