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Epoxy paint for the garage

So I have been wanting to put some rustoleum paint down on the garage floor. There are a few things I am worried about. First, I have heard that it might be a bit slippery. I have also heard that when you put the flakes down that come with the kit it really is not that slippery. I am also worried about how long you have to stay off of it with cars. Not a big deal but we just have to keep the cars out of the garage for 7 days. I may take a day off of work next week, say friday. Then clean and empty the garge out. Go ahead and paint one side and then move everything back into the garage (put it on the side I have not treated yet). Then on sunday I can move everything to the painted side so i can paint the other side. Then by tuesday I can move everything back to where it needs to be. We can then park the cars back in the garage by sunday the follow weekend. Sucks to leave the cars out for so long but I think it will be worth it in the end.

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