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Very nice weekend

The weather was awesome this weekend. Did not do to much on the house like I had wanted to but did do a few things. Made it down to the local art institute and went to a local rib fest on saturady. Sunday I pulled all of the rear speakers the side speakers cables and the two sub speaker cables. I need to figure out locations of each of the speakers now and put them in boxes and then figure out the location of the front speakers and run the wires to those locations. Then I will have all wiring finished up. I need to build sofet in two areas to cover up the heater piping. After those two areas have been boxed in I just have to put a few more furing strips around the Metal ibeam and that will be ready to have drywall also. I then just need to run the black pipe for gas and I am done. Maybe I can get that black pipe run in the next few weeks. That will be the show stopper since I want to get a friend to get his friends gas detector. Won’t do it unless I can detect the gas. Hope to be back to hanging drywall in the next month or so. Before I can get to far on the main room I have to deciced on the shower and cabinets for the bathroom because I have to take the door out to get most of that in. Moving slow but sure.

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