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Garage floor is finished

Well I took a half day on friday so I could come home and start on the garage floor. I worked the better part of the afternoon cleaning the garage floor. Let it dry all night and then started painting it with the Rustoleum epoxy first thing saturday morning. I had enough stuff in the garage I had to move all of it out to clean it and then I put a tarp down on a section of it and put everything on that tarp over night and the next day. Sunday morning I moved everything back to there correct spots in the garage and then painted the last section that had the trap and everything on it. It looks pretty darn good. Now to see how it holds up to the weight of the cars and the michigan winter. Hope it does as good as the box said is should. Was lucky to find the kits on-sale at menards. Ended up having to buy 3 kits since we have what is considered a 2 1/2 car garage. I thought I might get it done with 2 kits but when I finished one side I knew I would not be able to get the step finished also. So I went and bought a third kit saturday after I put down the first kit and then went on to put down the second kit so I only have a small section to finish today. Now I have to wait 7 days before we can drive on it. Will need to wash both cars next sunday for sure. The get pretty dirty outside over night.

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