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Weekend went fast

Well, took another half day on friday. That half day seems to make the weekend so much longer for some reason. Makes if very nice. Still to short though. We were out of town for most of the weekend. Got back early evening last night and I started up the sprinklers and unpacked and got stuff in order inside. Went out and washed both the cars and pulled them into the grage for the first time in just over a week. The new floor paint/epoxy seems to be holding up fine. Only time will tell. The cars were a bit wet but the floor did not get to slippery. Water pooled up nicely and this morning it was nice and dry and no dirt marks at all. I think it will work out just fine. Now to get back to the basment of r abit and then maybe take care of a few other projects upstairs and in the yard. I have to finish up the speaker wires though. Maybe I can get that all wrapped up this week or weekend.

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