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What a nice weekend

Well the weekend started out great. Got up saturday morning kind of early. Jenny had to go round in the morning so I got up when she was leaving and got taylor up. Played with her a bit and then headed out back to work on the sprinkler system once again. I dug up two heads and put some more dirt in the area and then put the grass back down. That fixed the problem. I am a perfectionist so I thought the heads were a bit high. They stuck out of the ground just a bit and that bugged me. I also changed a few of the nozzles on the heads on the side of the backyard. That area seemed to be a bit dry so I put a little larger nozzle on those heads. I dug up one last head in the front side yard that I had blown out last year when I was winterizing the yard. I didn’t get it burried as deep as I should have. So all heads are fixed now. I then proceeded to look into the last known leak. The two valves next to the garage I noticed a little water buildup the other week when I left the main line pressurized. I did not see any water in the one valve cover, that was nice. I opened the second one and there was about 1 inch of water in that area. I turned the water off and then hooked up the air compressor and pressurized the whole main line to 80psi. I then proceeded to dig up that valve and found the problem. I forgot to put a clamp on the one connection. So I put a clamp on and then took the air compressor off the line and then turned the water back on and ran a few zones. I left the problem valve uncovered and open for a few hours. No water dripping or buildup at all. Think the problem is fixed so I put all the dirt and cover back in the hole and cleaned the area up. The main water line has been turned on for the last 2 days and I do not see anymore leaks. The timer was set and the sprinklers were running when jenny went to work early monday morning. Everything is working great with the sprinklers now. The only problem is I get them fixed and then we get a bunch of rain. I turned the timer of yesterday because we got so much rain yesterday. Probably will not need to water the rest of this week.

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