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Basement work started again

Well I have been letting the basement project go lately. Over the weekend I started working on stuff again. I have all the spearker wire run and most of the jacks all ready to go. I do not want to put the covers on the jacks yet(will do that after I get the drywall up). I still have two jacks to put up as soon as I get the wall framed and door in to the main room. I then have one last jack I want to put in for the second sub. Right now the wall I want o put that jack on has about 30 sheets of drywall on it. I will wait until we start to drywall before I finalize that last jack. I have wired for 3 front speakers, 3 back speakers and 2 side speakers. I have also run two more jacks that have a total of 6 wires(4 I will use right now). Those jacks are for my subs. I need to run one last run of conduit for the projector and then all conduit should be finished. I then need to move some water lines that run to the kitchen. Want to run them in a sofet area I will be building to cover up a heater duct. Then that area of the room will be ready to drywall. I have one other area I want to build a sofet that will hide one other heater duct and then I have to decide if I want to insulate the ceiling or not. Last thing I have to do is run the gas line to the area I want to put a gas burning stove at. At that point I will be ready to put drywall up on the ceiling and then the walls. I still have to decided on what I want to put in the bathroom because I will probably have to take down a few studs to get the shower and cabinets in that small room. I have to do that before I drywall the wall there. Hopefully I can get most of the small items taken care of this week and then get the plumbing part done saturday morning. Have to see if I can get a friends, friends gas tester before I start on the gas line. Maybe we can do that saturday sometime. When I say we, I mean me and my friend shawn. He has worked with gas line before so I will feel better if he is helping. Just have to run it about 15 feet. If all goes good I might have everything ready to drywall the ceiling by the end of this week. I really want to get a bit more mud on the walls in the office so I can then put all of the stuff in the basement into that room so the main room is empte execpt for tools and supplies.

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