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Wow, that weekend went fast

Well the weekend is over. I can’t believe how fast that weekend went and I didn’t really do anything around the house. Had my parents up friday night. Went with my parents saturday when they purchased a new car. Helped them get a new tv to my gramas and get that all setup. That pretty much was saturday. Had a friend come up saturday evening and spend the night. Sunday I did nothing really. Taylor my dog and I just hung out and relaxed. Diid go to a new mexian restaurant for dinner. I am glad we have a good mexican resturant now. Man was it good food. After dinner I did get out and mow the lawn. Didn’t really need to to bad but was good to get it mowed so I do not have to do it again until later this week. So I didn’t buy the french door I wanted to get this weekend, and I did not get the water lines replumbed like I wanted to. Oh well. I might take a half day on friday so I can get the plumbing done. I can go one night this week with a friend and pick up a french door and the two other doors I want to put in the basement. I figure it will be a good idea to rent the homedepot truck at the same time so I do not damage the new french door.

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