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New doors for basement project

Well I was able to pick up all three doors for the basement last night. Got a 24 inch door for the bathroom a 32 inch door for the utility room and a 48 inch french door for the main room. I still have to frame in the wall the french door is going to go into. Was waiting to see what type of door I would get. Ended up getting a pre-hung pre-primed glass pained door. Would have like to have bought a 5 foor door instead of a 4 foot door but this will do just fine. Found it on clearance. Nice thing about it is the glass has plastic over it right now so I will be able to paint it and get it all set and then take the plastic off the glass and there will be no scraping to get the paint off the glass. The other two doors are six panel doors just like the doors we have upstairs. Will need to buy two door knob sets for the normal doors and then a set of fake door knobs for the french doors. The door has latches at the top so it just snaps into place no other hardware needed. I hope to get the doors ready for install later this week if time permits. Will not put them in perminatly until the drywall is up and ready to be painted. Will need to move some of the sheets of drywall down about 10 inches so I can build out the rest of the wall for the french door.

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