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Worked on hallway door last night

I decided to work on getting some of the hallway finished last night. I put up a few small peices of drywall so I could mount one of the new doors. Took me about 2 hours to get drywall on one side of the wall and part of the ceiling and to get the door mounted and working. I was cooking dinner at the same time and played with the dog a bit also. But was pretty easy to get the door up and looking good. I need to get the hardware for the knob and what not but the door looks good at this time. I have it mounted so it will swing into the utility room and it will swing to the left. It looks great. I hope to be able to get most of the wall for the hall finished and maybe even get most of the drywall up and in place for the ceiling and walls in the hall this evening and rest of the week. Tonight it would be nice if I can get the wall built and the speaker jacks finished on that same wall I need to build. Then tomorrow and this weekend I can try to get the drywall all hung and the hallway will be ready to mud.

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