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Free Ipod

UPDATE: For all the doubters just like I was, Wired magazine recently investigated and proved this offer to be legitimate.,2125,64614,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_2

Ok, so I may be an idiot. I have been seeing this free ipod thing all over the internet. So I decided to bite and give it a try. I wanted to apply for a GM card anyway so it really should not hurt anything. I am waiting for the card to come in the mail. If you want to get a free ipod and do not mind getting a credit card or dvds or movie rents then follow this link to start the process and get 5 others to do the same. I finally gave in when I read a post at He is one of the hosts of The Screen Savers. He has actually fulfilled the requirements and he has received the 250 dollars in gift certificates. They are waiting to see if two other hosts will be getting their ipods. I have seen a couple pages on the web that offer to post new urls of people who sign up to do this. I will offer the same. Click on this link and go through the signup process. As soon as I see you have signed up and all processing has been completed, I will add you to the list of links and as more and more people sign up the list will get get longer. As people get referrals I will take their link off the page so others that want to sign up will be higher on the list as time goes on. Give it a try and get your free ipod. After you have signed up and completed the process email me ipod at jnewcastle dot com. Send me your referer link so I can put it on my page so others can click on your link to get you a free ipod.

Ok so after a few people asked about it here is the procedure I would recommend you use.

Please read all of the instructions before starting…

Step 1 – Signing up

1. Create an e-mail account to use for this offer (Yahoo is good for this, Hotmail doesn’t seem to work for this offer). Please be aware that you will receive junk mail in this mailbox. A good spam service I use is, its free.
2. Click the #1 link in the list below, and enter the e-mail address you created and a password that you will remember. NOTE – I’ve recently heard that people are having trouble with their accounts if they sign up from the same computer. To be on the safe side, make sure that you are signing up from a computer that no one else has already used to sign up.
3. Do NOT click yes to any surveys, they are optional. Create your account.
4. Once you’re in, close your browser, and go to the e-mail account that you used to register (the one that you created in the first step). You should receive an e-mail asking you to activate your account. Follow the link to activate.
5. You should now be in the “Complete Offer” link. If not, there is a link to it at the top of the page. Now complete one of the offers.

Step 2 – Completing an offer

You must now complete one of the available offers. The available offers have been changing lately, but I’ve heard that currently the ‘Blockbuster Online’ and ‘AOL� 9.0 with MusicNet’ are the most popular. Both require a credit card, but can be cancelled without charge (‘Blockbuster’ within 14 days of signup, ‘AOL’ within 50 days of signup).

Once you’ve done one of the offers, you should receive an e-mail stating you completed your offer, and your ‘Check Status’ page should change to say ‘Congratulations! You have completed your requirements’. [PLEASE NOTE: As this promotion has gotten more popular, it has begun to take longer before you receive credit & confirmation for the offer that you complete. Currently, it is taking 2 to 3 business days (excluding Saturdays & Sundays) to receive credit & confirmation for the offer that you complete.] I recommed waiting until you receive this confirmation before cancelling the order that you signed up for (just to be safe).

Step 3 – Getting your 5 referrals

Now you need to get 5 people to sign up, using your referral link, and complete an offer. To help you out with this, I’ve started a list below. E-mail me (ipod at jnewcastle dot com) the following information, using ‘FreeiPod blog list’ as your subject…

– Your referral link
– The e-mail address that you used to sign up at the freeipods site
– The name of the list member from below that you referred

Once I confirm your information, I’ll add you as the next member of the list. Once the person in the #1 spot is finished, they will be removed and everyone will move up. Direct everyone you know to this site, and we should all get done in no time!

Good luck!!!

The list!

  • 1 – newy
  • 2 – buckda
  • 3 – no one yet
  • 4 – no one yet
  • 5 – This could be you!!!

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