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Basement hallway is getting drywalled now

Over the weekend I finally was able to move the two water lines that were in the way of a wall I wanted to put up and also would make it so I would have to build the ceiling down about 1 inch from the rest of the room. I just moved the water lines into an area I will be building a sofet around anyway to cover up an existing heater duct that I cannot move. After I tested the lines and then started the dishwasher and clothes washer just to make sure to run enough water through the line to make sure there was no leaks I then moved on to building the rest of the wall so close off the main room and finish up the hallway. I framed in the opening for the new french door I picked up last week. I also bought the hardware for the three doors we bought. I have the utility room door hung and working. I plan to try to finish up the most of the drywall tonight in the hallway. I need to move one outlet and get it mounted. I then need to perminatly mount the light switches on the wall and I should be ready to finish up the drywall in the hallway. I have decided to add one more light in the hallway. Hopefully I can go pick that up today at lunch. I just need to wire that up and I can finish up the drywall on the last wall that needs to be completed in the hallway. I think I can do most of the drywalling in the hallway myself. The only part I am not sure I can do myself is the ceiling. I have to lift one maybe two full sheets up and get them into place. I might be able to get my lifting jig in there but not sure if it will work or not. I will probably have to get a few more 2x4s to finish off the last two sofets I need to build in the main room. Still a bunch to finish up before I can do the drywalling in the main room but getting very close to being able to start that room. Still want to finish up the office so all I neeed to do is paint it. Just don’t feel like sanding and doing the last set of corners I need to mud still.

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