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Hallway is ready to be drywalled

Last night I finished up all the electrical connections that needed to be changed or removed so I can drywall the hallway. I have all walls ready to finish that area. I hope I can get at least all the lower peices of drywall up in the hallway this evening. I will need some help to get the ceiling finished. I still do not know what I am going to do with the vent in the ceiling. Not sure if I should make it so it can work or just drywall over it. I have not used it since I moved in. What to do, what to do. Once I get all the lower peices of drywall hung I can then just put a peice of wood or something across the door way the french doors will go into and then I will not have to have a special gate or wall up to keep taylor out of the rest of the basement. It will be nice to open that area up again. Might be tonight, only time will tell.

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