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A few more sheets of drywall are up and look great

Last night I was able to work on the basement for a few hours. Have much of the lower drywall in place, cut and screwed on the wall. I have about 3 more sheets of lower wall drywall to hang tonight and then I can remove all of the dogs stuff so I can move the cage and other peices of wood that I have used as a barrier to keep taylor our dog out of the basement. I will not put any of the upper peices (execpt the one I put up last night since that part of the ceiling is finished) up as of yet. I may need access to that area for a short time and the bigger problem is I am ready to put a full sheet of drywall up right now and can not do that on my own. They are a bit heavy for one person to hold up and screw in. I hope I can clear that area out at the bottom of the stairs tonight and then get that area all drywalled though. I can even do the ceiling in that area I think. Last night I did the most complicated sheets. A few of them needed a few holes in them for plugs and switches. Tonight I will have one on the ceiling that will need a hole cut in it for the light and one on the wall that will need two holes in it, one for a light and one for a outlet. Hope I can do most of that work in about an hour or two.

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