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Man that dyson is awesome

Well after missing the shipment friday. They would not let me pick up the unit at fedex. The vacuum was shipped via fedex home. I had no idea that fedex home is run like a seperate company. They use different trucks different warehouses and everything. They do deliever on saturday though. So at about 12 noon on saturday I was out mowing our front yard and the white fedex van backs into my driveway. I walk over sign for the package and take it in to check it out. Got it all unboxed and it is in great shape. No damage from shipping at all. Put it together and try to figure it out. Started it up and vacuumed the living room. We had just vacuumed the living room the day before with our orek. The dyson had a bit more power and we picked up so much more dirt, dust and dog hair. It is kind of scary how much more we picked up. I pretty much filled the container up with dog hair. Couldn’t really say any dog hair on the carpet but it was picking it up from somewhere. On sunday I decided to try out the extra attachment you get when you buy the purple version. Since it was powered by the suction I was not sure how it would work. Amazingly well actually. I vacuumed all three chairs/sofas. The attachment worked great. I acumulated a few more hair balls and dirt from the sofas. This thing is very nice. I am very happy with this purchase.

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