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Last two night have been good for the basement work

Well I have put all the 5/8th inch drywall up now. It is nice to see the stacks of drywall at the end of the basement getting smaller and now there is only one stack. I estimated pretty good I feel. I need 2 or 3 more sheets of drywall and I will have the ceiling finished. Better to have not enough than have to many I guess. Will start on the walls now. I have one whole wall ready to drywall and the other one has some drywall stacked up against it. The third wall I can drywall part of it but will have to wait to finish it because I need to get the shower in and that requires taking the door apart so I can fit it in. Still plenty of work to do but I like that the ceiling is almost complete. Hopefully tonight or tomorrow I can finish up the drywall on the ibeam and support pole in the center of the basement. That will make things look much better also I think.

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