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Finished up some more drywall over the weekend

Saturday morning I got up just after jenny got up to head in to the hospital. Got taylor up and watched a little tv. Put on some old clothes and headed to the basement. I finished up the ibeam in the center of the main room and then finished up the pole and cut the holes for the speakers wiring and ethernet and also the power outlet. That was about all I did on saturday. Sunday I got up about the same time and headed back downstairs. I worked on the large wall this time. Worked until about 3 pm. I was able to finish up one end of the wall and was able to put a full row of drywall along the bottom of that wall and the wall closest to the main door coming into the room. So now I just have to put two pieces of drywall on the large wall and I will be finished with that wall and two and a half pieces of drywall on the other wall. The problem is I do not want to put drywall over the two windows until I frame them out with the finished pine around the window. I want to get it all trimmed out before I put the drywall up so I can cut the drywall to the correct edge. Then all I have to do is put trim around the window and both of those areas will be finished. I need to more the green board into the bathroom and put a few pieces up soon. I may even go get the shower this week. Then I can finish up the last wall also. Things are coming together for sure. The room actually has a good echo going on now and is starting to look like a room.

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