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Finished up almost all I can at this time

Over this past weekend I finished up all the walls I can finish at this time. I put up a few pieces of drywall in the bathroom. I need to have someone over for a few hours to help me finish up the ceiling in the bathroom. I have to wait to put up the drywall on the last wall in the big room until I get the shower and the cabinets for the bathroom. I hope to go get the shower and maybe even cabinets, sink and toilet this week. I may even start putting tile down if I can get all the parts and pieces I need. If all goes smooth and I can get everything finished this weekend, I may be tiling the bathroom next week. Probably not but I can try. Once I get the shower and other stuff in the bathroom I can finish the last wall in the main room and put the door on the bathroom and the french door on the main room. I really need to get the gas stove on order and find the mudding guy so I can get those in the works.

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