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Well last night I spent almost 2 hours at home depot and Menards looking at plumbing stuff and cabinets and what not for the bathroom. bought a few parts. Need to get one more part and I think I can plumb up the sink, toilet and shower. I plan on picking up the shower tonight. I need to pick out the toilet and then pick up the counter top and cabinet. I plan to get a full counter top/sink setup. Should be very nice. Looking at almost 500 dollars for the sink and cabinet. I need to decide what to do with the space on the other side of the shower. Since we are only putting a standup shower in that bathroom I have 5 feet to deal with and only will be using about 32 inches for the shower itself. I think I will build a wall to close in the shower and then have to decided if I want to put cabinets in the rest of the area there or maybe try to build a closet there. Will have to take some measurements. I do not think I can fit a 24 inch door in that small area so I may need to just put cabinets in there. So it is coming together. I really hope to be able to get all the parts and pieces in the house this week and then over the weekend or next week get the shower in position and all set and plumbed. Get the toilet all set, plumbed and ready to be mounted when the flooring is finished. Get the rest of the drywall up and then mount the cabinet and plumb the sink in and get that working. I know it is alot to do but I think I can get it all done as long as I can find all the parts I need. I am a bit worried about the drain for the shower. I also need to find mounting hardware for the toilet. Want to bolt that down into the cement floor, not just to the toilet flange. Many parts to buy, hopefully I won’t spend over 1 grand on the bathroom stuff.

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