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Last night I think I finished up a few items in the basement that have been haunting me

I started out after dinner checking the shower in the basement bathroom to make sure it is not leaking. Everything seems to be great there. No problems, I think I can close up that whole wall now. Will be fun but hope to get it soon. I wanted to put an outlet near the furnace hotwater heater area, so I can plug my dehumidifier in. I was thinking about running it down from the ceiling but in the end, the cord from the dehumidifier would not reach so I put it on the wall behind the hotwater heater. It will be nice to have something over on that wall now. Took a bit of doing and hooked it into the same circuit as the projector plug. Should not be much of a load on that circuit at all. Tested and made sure it worked and then moved on. Since I had the circuit panel open I went ahead and made measurements and cut the piece of drywall I needed to put in there. I made the cuts and it turned out pretty close. It is up and looking good. I need to trim one corner a bit so it sits a bit nicer against the cement wall but the piece is up and looking good. Fit nicely around the circuit panel and left about a 2 or 3 inch opening on the right hand side of the panel so I can work on the coax cables and cat5 cables if needed. Not the cleanest look I could have gotten but the way the cables are run into the house I needed to leave that area open. Should be just fine. Was able to get all of the coax and cat5 hooked back up. Well all of the connections that needed to be hooked up. Needed to get cable modem back up and running and hooked up all phone cords to get sbc line working again and the IP phone (bat phone) up and running again. Now tonight I hope to clean up the rest of the wiring and get it all neat and punched down and finished up so I can move on. It is nice to come into the room now and see a nice neat corner finally. Will move a few things around and do some cable management with the computer rack in that corner and then put some shelves around that area and call it good. I have 2 more sheets of drywall to put up on the other end of that wall and then have about 2 or 2 1/2 sheets to get on the wall next to it and that will be finished. I need to put a few small pieces around the door coming in to the utility room and then around the stairs area and that will be it. I have 5 or 6 sheets left so I think I may have an extra sheet or two. Will probably try to get those tucked away against a wall in the back for later use. So tonight I really want to clean a few things up and keep moving. The problem is the work left is a bit slow and tedious to finish up. Will take me a few more nights to get it all finished I believe. Hopefully by early next week I will have all the drywall up and will be able to get some of the mudding finished up also.

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