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Was able to get almost all the drywall up and ready for mud over the weekend

On sunday I worked on the basement for a few hours. I finished up the last two walls in the basement and fixed a few other problems. I have on last area to finish. I want to use the last of the sheets of drywall under the basement stairs. I have 3 sheets left and believe I can use all three on the stairs area. It will take me a few minutes to clear that area out and clean it up and then can get the rest of the drywall hung. At the same time I want to organize that area and clean it up. I hope to put a bunch of stuff away and clean up the utility room. I need to build out an access panel over near the utility sink and after that is finished I will try to get as far as I can on the mud. That should be the last thing I really need to get working on. I will keep plugging away at the wiring mess, hope to get that clean in a week or so. I want to get the taping done so I can get the bathroom all plumbed in and primed. I then can start to think about and plan out the bathroom floor. After I get all the taping finished I need to start pricing out the carpet and get the gas stove installed. At that point I will need to trim out the room and get paint on the walls and the basement project should be finished. What to do next 🙂

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