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Over the weekend I upgraded our main D3 database server

This project was a long time running high priority, it just took longer to get planned and implemented than it should have. I upgraded our raining data D3 server from Nt4.0 to Windows Server 2003 and from D3 7.3.1 to 7.4.4. Our programmer wanted to have the normal full nightly backup, then he wanted another full backup and then we copied the D3 database directory in hopes of just being able to copy the files back over to the new server and we were up and ready for logins. It worked. The nightly backup took its normal time but nightly processing took a lot longer because of the extra file-save we were running at the same time. I started the upgrade a bit later then I wanted to because of this issue but was able to make up time in the raid config and os load. I lost time again because we created the account as just the account not fsi:acount name. That set us back another hour or so. The system was back up and running by 5pm sat evening, just as we had planned. So far the system is running great today. We will see how the nightly process runs tonight. It is nice to be on a current os and it is even nicer to have the system disk mirrored and then data array is about twice the size it was before so we have plenty of room for expansion now. We also have 2 hot spare drives just in case of drive failure.

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