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Last three sheets of drywall have been used

Last night after dinner I cleaned up the utility room a bit and then pull all of the stuff from under the stairs out. The three pieces I put up turned out OK, but not my best work. I just wanted to be finished. I have a few small pieces left I need to throw out in this weeks garbage. I have one area I need to build a box and then cover with some drywall and put an access panel on it. Just want to clean up the look of the area I put in the valves for the bathroom downstairs. I am also thinking about how I want to treat the opening next to the electrical panel. I may just leave that alone. After I build that small box our around the valves. I can throw the rest of the drywall away and then spend most of my time getting the taping going. Think I will start on the bathroom first. Try to get one room finished at a time. Since there is so much work left in the bathroom I figure I should get that going first. Then after the first coat is on in the bathroom I figure I should try to get most of the main room finished also. Move on to the utility room and then go back to the office and try to clean that up and get the last coat on it. Then back to the bathroom for the last coat hopefully and keep doing that until I am happy with the finish. I have a big 5 gallon bucket of primer ready to get on the walls. Like I said, I really want to get on the bathroom so I can put the cabinet and sink in and go get the toilet and get that all set also. I then need to figure out what color I want to paint the walls and what I want to do for the floor treatment.

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