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Spent some time on the basement

Well I finally took some time to learn how to spray the ceiling. I had bought the gun a few weeks ago. I ran the air hose to the basement last week. Bought a mud mixer you can run with your drill. Thinned the mud down a bit and then loaded the gun up. Turned the air on and tried it. Took a little bit of testing but think I have a pretty good spray going. Not like the ceiling upstairs but I kind of like this pattern a little better. Just smaller pattern and less knock down. What a mess though. So the area at the bottom of the stairs is ready for the final coat of paint on the walls and the final coat of paint on the ceiling. Then I can put the lights back up and outlets back in and it will be ready for trim and carpet. I was able to finish getting mud on all of the walls in the basement. I finished up all of the long seams on the ceiling also. Now I just have to get the ceiling side of the corner around the room. After that is finished I figure I will do a once over to make sure all high spots are gone and then do a little touch up to get it as close to finished as it can be. I plan to take a day off work, probably a friday. Rent the sander and vac from homedepot and make a day of getting all of the rooms sanded and ready for primer. That will be a long day probably. I hope I can get the first sanding finished pretty quick. Will do a little touch up and then sand another room. Touch up that room and then sand the third room. Hopefully all the areas will have long enough to dry so I can get everything sanded the first time and at least one more time. Then on saturday or sunday of that weekend I can get the ceiling sprayed in all three rooms. That will be a long weekend but it will be nice to get the rooms that far. After that I need to get a coat of primer an everything and then touch up again. At that point I need to figure out the color paint I want on the walls. Paint the walls and ceiling with the final colors and that will be it. I have a few small things to do like trim out the windows and then trim the baseboard and doors out but at this point I will be ready for carpet. I will still need to finish installing all of the cabinets and stuff in the bathroom but I want to get the other areas finished as soon as possible. Here are a few new pictures of the basement.

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