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Finished up the walls and ceiling at the bottom of the stairs before I left

The morning before we left on vacation I finished painting the ceiling and the walls for the area at the bottom of the stairs. It actually looks pretty good. There are a few spots that I will need to sand and touch up probably but I know about them because I knew they were there. Others have not even noticed the few spots I want to fix. Feeling good about that stuff. Need to get back down to the basement and finish up the last of the ceiling and edges. Fill in a few more screw holes and will be ready to rent the sander and vac to get the first sanding and touch up done. After that I hope to sand the spots and touch up one more time and then get a coat of primer on to see what the rooms looks like. Then I will texture the ceiling and keep the process going. Hopefully since jenny is on call tomorrow I will be able to get most of the mudding finished up so I can figure out when I want to rent the sanding stuff from homedepot. I have to clean up the utility room so I can fit most of the junk from the other rooms into the utility room so it will be out of my way when I am ready to sand. Plenty of stuff to clean up in the utility room and probably through some more stuff out.

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