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Finished up the rest of the corners in the basement

I think I am ready to go rent the sander from home depot now. I have cleaned up all of the joints and corners in the basement. I think I will go down one more time to try to go over everything again just to make sure I didn’t miss anything big. In another week or so I will plan to take a day off work and then get a good 24 hours in with the sanders. Hope I can sand everything and then touch up all areas and then sand again. Will be in pretty good shape if I can do that. If I can get that much sanding down with the big sander I should only need to touch up a few spots by hand. Then I can get primer on all of the walls and ceiling and at that time it should look totally different. I can then spray the ceiling with the texture and install the cabinets in the bathroom. I do need to decide what I am going to do in the bathroom, cabinets or closet next to the shower. I need to do that before I spray the ceiling in there. Coming along nicely though. After I get to that stage I can get all the furniture moved around and I can get a final coat of paint on the ceiling and the walls. Figure out what I want to put on the floor in the bathroom and then the bathroom will be finished. Need to figure out the carpet we want in the main room and office, then go schedule that for install. I hope by winter time I will be using the basement. Before it gets to cold I hope to have the gas stove installed also. Much to do but I think it can all be done. Just need to pull the money together for the carpet and stove.

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