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Took some time to work on the yard saturday evening

I went and picked up 22 bags of mulch on saturday. The neighbor and I worked on the one common area that we landscaped last year. I also worked on the three trees in the front yard and also the big area right next to the house. I also cleaned up the side area and then mulched around all the utilities there. Now the landscaping goes around the corner of the house. I need to find a few bushes or shrubs to try to hide the utilities and air conditioner. Was nice to get that area mulched at least. I will need to be careful when I put stuff in that area since phone and cable go right through that area. Hope to go find something this week to put there. The last area to freshen up the mulch is the large area on the right side of the front yard. I will put a little down in there and clean up the edges also. Otherwise the front yard is finished for the year. I need to clean up the edges around the trees in the backyard and that will be it for the back yard also.

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