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Basement is taking a bit longer than I hoped it would this week

Monday I just relaxed all night so nothing happend that night. Tuesday I setup shop and touched up all rooms in the basement. A few corners needed to be touched up and a few areas in all the rooms needed touchup on little things. Still no primer on anything in the basement. I was hoping to start in the utility room last night but did not. After a quick sanding in the utility room I may prime tonight. That is if I have time after mowing the yard. I have decided I am going to touch up a few seams on the garage ceiling also. That will hopefully take me about 10 minutes to do and then I can prime over those again and also finish the last corner I need to prime and I think I am going to go ahead and prime the wood around the door and trim around the attach access panel. After that the garage will be ready for final coat of paint. So things are moving, just a little slower than I would like.

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