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Can’t get over this really nice weather we are having

Last night I went to the store right after work to get some dinner. Came home and fed the dog and has some dinner myself. Got a couple things together and then let the dog out in to the garage while I touched up a few areas. Finished that and opened the garage up to let it dry. Took the dog out to play a bit and then put her down in her cage. I went back out to mow the lawn real quick and then got the dog back out to chill a bit. Watched a bit of tv and then headed back down stairs to do some priming. I primed until about 9:30. Was able to finish up about half of the utility room. Tonight I plan to moving everything around in the utility room again. I can then prime the other 2 walls I need to finish up. Hopefully after I get those last two walls finished up I can start moving things back to where they should be and move a bunch of stuff from the other rooms into the utility room so I can get going on the other rooms. After a little more touchup last night I believe both the bathroom and office areas are ready for a sanding and check all corners again to make sure they are ready for primer. It has taken a little more time than I thought it would take to get to this point. Hopefully this weekend I can get some primer on those two rooms.

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