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Weekend was just to short

This weekend went by so fast. Saturday was a nice relaxing day. Did a whole bunch of nothing. Actally I did work on some stuff in the yard and dug up some grass that was bugging me. I have no idea what type is it but it really sticks out. I had about 5 small circles of this stuff in the front yard alone. It came up really easy. I put some new top soil down and seeded and by that time it was getting pretty warm out.

After church sunday I decided I had to chatch up on stuff. Started right of with changing the oil in the jeep and then washed the car and the jeep. Detailed a bit of the jeep and cleaned all the windows and tires on the car and jeep. After that my hands were gone. Had done so much cleaning and detailing they didn’t like to bend to much. Took a short break and started in on mowing the lawn. After I finished mowing I cleaned up and then jenny and I went to the new Parlor ice cream shop we have been wanting to go to. I grew up near jackson mi. That is were the original All-Star Dairy (parlor) started. There are 3 parlor’s now. One still in jackson, one in east lansing on the edge of MSU’s campus and one off of M-43 in front of Menards in kalamazoo. That still have all of the great icecream dishes they used to have and now serve some food. Man that stuff is good, to much to eat but good. I ordered and only ate about half of the item I ordered. They just give you way to much icecream.

So anyway. I have once again taken about a 3 day break from the basement and garage project. I need to get back to it. I hope if I am feeling ok tonight, to get back to working on the office. I would like to sand and touch up, hopefully one last time. I want to get that room primed this week. I can then move everything back into that room and then get back to the main room and bathroom. I thought I would finish the garage and utility room first but I really want to get primer on the whole basement. I have the utility room almost all primed. I have a few things to touch up before I can finish moving everything around and prime the rest of that room. I think I am going to buy a 5 gallon bucket of paint for the garage and the left over paint from that I will use to put another coat on the utility room. Hopefully that will be enough for that room. Just get that cheap rubber trim to put around the bottom of the wall and that will be good enough.

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