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Had a bit of a leak over the weekend in the backyard

Monday I was out working on the backyard landscaping near the house. I was edging and cleaning up some weeds. I was going along getting a clean line along the mulch against the house. Thought I might have hit a rock but nope. It was some of the smaller sprinkler line. It is not pressurized until that zone is turned on. I was watering later that day after I mowed and all of a sudden I heard a strange wooshing noise in the back. That zone had just been turned on and there was a pretty good stream of water hitting the house. Turned that zone off and went to look. Sure enough I had put about a 1 inch cut in that line. Went to the garage to see if I have any parts to fix. Yep I did. Later that night I went out to work on it. Had to dig up a little area and cut a 2 inch section out of the line and put a connector in. I can now run a drip line into the flower bed area if I want to. I put a new connector in and tested and all is good. Covered it back up and ran that zone a bit to make sure everything is good. Quick cheap fix and no damage done anywhere else. Just a little teasing from jen.

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