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Fun, event full, productive weekend

After a suprise friday evening and a full day saturday. Jenny and I relaxed for a bit on sunday and watched a new movie I have been waiting for since I heard about it, Serinity. Was a great movie. I enjoy watching Firefly which is the weekly show Serinity is a continuation of. Firefly is on the Scifi channel every friday at 7pm. I replay the show normally and watch it over the weekend sometime. The movie was just as good if not better than the the show. After we got home we started on a few things around the house. At about 6 or so I decieded I would head down stairs to work on the ceiling of the office and bathroom. I preped everything I thought needed work and then got the mud thined and ran the air hose into the office. Hooked everything up and turned on the flood lights and started to make a mess. I finished up spraying the ceiling in the office and bathroom about 7:30 and started cleaning all the equipment up and then by about 8:30 sat down to watch a few shows with jenny before we went to bed. Not much down time over the weekend but I did spray the ceiling like I wanted to.

I plan to clean stuff up in those two rooms tonight. Depending on the weather I hope to put the final coat of paint on the ceiling in both rooms by wed. and get all lighting back up in the office and install the light/fan in the bathroom. I hope to get the office walls painted their final coat of paint wed evening. That room should be ready for trim and carpet by the end of the week.

I need to pick a toilet out for the bathroom and also figure out what I will be doing on the back corner of the bathroom. At this point I am thinking I will leave it alone and finish that area later. Just finish it with trim and flooring right now and then put a cabinet (made by me) or put up a small wall and door there to make a closet for towels and stuff. Right now I want to pick flooring out and get that in so I can put in the sink and cabinet and toilet so we can start using that as soon as the rest of the basement gets finished. As soon as I finalize those two rooms I can move everything into the office and then continue on the main room. It is pretty much ready for primer at this point. After that I will spray the ceiling and then clean up again and put the last coat of paint on walls and ceiling. The end of this 3 or 4 year project is getting close. It will be time to pick out carpet and the new projector hopefully soon. Maybe even in the next month or two. I just need to keep this momentum moving. If I stay at it I may be able to have the main room ceiling sprayed by the end of next week.

I will need to pick up a 5 gallon bucket of wall paint this week and I probably will get a few 1 gallon cans of ceiling paint. It depends on how fast I use the one gallon can I have already. If it gets used up fast I probably will get a 5 gallon bucket of ceiling paint also. I also need to get one more 5 gallon bucket of general purpose mud to finish spraying the ceiling with. Hopefully one more bucket will be all I need to finish the ceiling with. I went through a bit more than I thought I would last night with the two rooms. I will probably need about twice as much to finish the big room. I have about a half bucket left. I figure another full bucket will be more than enough.

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