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Busy night last night

Went out to get a few things and have dinner right after work. As soon as we got home I headed outside to mow. It was dark before I finished mowing the backyard. Hopefully I did not miss anything. After I cleaned up a bit I headed down stairs and sanded all of the over spray off the walls in the bathroom and cleaned up the corners around the ceiling. I then moved on to the office and cleaned all of the corners up and sanded any over spray off the walls.

Tonight I need to clean up the shower and make sure all coners around the shower are set and ready for primer. I then need to clean up the window in the office because of over spray. I would like to paint the ceiling in the office and hope to have time to prime the whole bathroom. I need to paint at least a full wall with the paint we picked out for the basement. I want to see how it looks on a full wall before I go get a 5 gallon bucket. Want to make sure it is the color we like before the whole basement has been painted. So far I am on track and getting stuff completed in the basement. I need to eventually get back to the utility room and garage to get a coat paint on and see if it will need a second coat. I hope to be able to just put one thick coat of paint everywhere I am painting. That will save on extra time and cost to put a second coat up. I will know more after I paint a full wall tonight to check out the color.

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