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Painted for a few hours last night

I cleaned up the floor in the office and bathroom. Had to scape mud off the floor and then used the shop vac to get most of the just up. I still need to clean the show up and the window in the office. I am ready to paint the office ceiling and walls. I am ready to prime the bathroom (plan to get to that tonight). I hope to prime the bathroom and paint the ceiling in the office tonight. Last night I painted 2 of the 4 areas in the utility room. Painted that mostly to see if we like the paint we picked out. It may be a bit to white. May end up going for more of a tan than white/grey. It is a good color for the utility room though. Will end up getting at least one more gallon to finish that room up. Will need to decide what color to paint garage and rest of basement though. Tonight if time permits I would like to do the painting mentioned above and also move things back into position in the utility room so I can continue painting the rest of the utility room later this week. After I finish painting that room I need to get shelves mounted on the wall again, may even get a few more shelves made to mount on another wall in the utility room. I have enough for one wall right now. I may have enough material (will need to cut it still) to put shelves on one or two other walls. I will need to go get more brackets to mount the shelves to the wall with. Hope to keep this momentum going. By the end of this week I hope to have ceiling painted in both the office and bathroom so I can put fan and lights up in office and put fan/light back up in the bathroom and have that finished also. I want to finish painting the utility room and get that partially organized and looking ok. Move most of the stuff in the main room into the utility room or office and then put plastic up in that door way so dust will not make it into the office area. I can then finish the corners in the main room and then hopefully prime the ceiling and walls and then spray the ceiling in the main room this weekend or early next week. At that point I will be close to the end product. It will be looking like a finished room at that time. I can clean the main room floor at that time and think about the trim I want to get. I can finish triming out the 2 windows in the main room and the 1 window in the office. When the windows are trimed out the main room and office will be looking great I think. If I can have the office and bathroom finished up with paint by next week and have the main room primed and ceiling painted I will be feeling great. Really need to figure out and purchase paint we want for bathroom, office and main room. I know what ceiling paint we will be using. I guess I can get more of that and more paint for the utility room no matter what. List of items needed from homedepot. More paint for ceiling (5 gallon bucket if possible), one more gallon of paint for utility room, one more 5 gallon bucket of mud for ceiling texture, maybe one more 5 gallon bucket of primer, pick color for basement and get 2 5 gallon buckets and pick color for garage and get 1 5 gallon bucket. That will set us back about 400 bucks probably.

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